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Overhead Projector InstallCard

Model Number: 41-1007

Scope of Work

• install your pre-purchased projector mounting bracket to your standard wood, drywall or masonry ceiling • install your pre-purchased fixed mount projection screen to your standard wood, drywall or masonry wall • secure and align your projector on the bracket • connect up to 3 video components (like HD cable box, DVD player, gaming system, etc) to your projector • conceal audio/video wires within the wall/ceiling or hide with paintable molding • make sure all of your components are working properly • show you how to use your new system


(situations where extra charges may apply at time of installation)
  • installer will not install a high voltage electrical outlet near the projector or screen (requires a licensed electrician)
  • will not reposition furniture or A/V components
  • will not install additional A/V components
  • will not paint wire channel or wall patches