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iPod / MP3 Player InstallCard

Model Number: 42-1022

Scope of Work

With this InstallCard a professional installer will install an iPod/MP3 Control Interface to your factory or aftermarket car stereo system. Installation includes mounting the Control Interface or FM Modulator, connecting it to the vehicle’s power (for iPod/MP3 player charging), configuring the factory or aftermarket radio adapter cable, and wiring the dock connector to the iPod/MP3 player. Visit for more information.


(situations where extra charges may apply at time of installation)
  • Antenna cable connectors are additional items and maybe purchased from installers if not purchased at time of equipment sale.
  • If your unit is equipped with a display and you would like a more factory look you may choose to have it mounted on a vehicle specific bracket. This will allow easy access to your controller and give you that best appearance in your vehicle.
  • European cars (BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc.) and some exotic vehicles may need additional labor due to the complexity of their wiring.