ServicePower FSS announces exclusive partnership with InstallerNet

Louisville, KY, February 13, 2006 - ServicePower's Field Service Solutions (FSS) Division, a provider of Web-based, automated job scheduling and warranty chain management services for service delivery and installation industries, today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with InstallerNet, a division of MobileToys, Inc., the leading provider of mobile electronics installation services in the United States.

The partnership enables Service Power FSS to offer InstallerNet's proprietary InstallCard product to its customer base. The InstallCard allows retailers and manufacturers to merchandise and offer installation services as an add-on to product sales without worrying about setting up and maintaining their own in-house installation services. "The current ServicePower FSS network of installation professionals and service providers can choose to become part of the InstallerNet installation network for home and automotive installations, increasing the number of jobs they run per year," commented Chris Smith, CEO, Service Power Field Service Solutions. Additionally, Service Power FSS will dispatch, route, and process installation service events for all home consumer electronics, PC, and major appliance installations processed through the InstallCard program.

Service Power FSS enables InstallerNet to expand its footprint and its patent pending InstallCard product beyond automotive electronics installations to the growing market of in-home installation services," commented Tony Frangiosa , president and CEO of InstallerNet. The broader installation offering will be co-marketed and sold by both companies under the InstallerNet brand, and it will be backed by the combined forces of InstallerNet's network of certified mobile electronics installers and the ServicePower FSS base of third-party service and installation professionals. InstallerNet's customer activation and installation scheduling process will be streamlined through the integration of its proprietary Installation Control Engine (ICE) with the Service Power Field Service Solutions application. "Our existing InstallerNet members will also benefit from the additional tools Service Power FSS brings to the table, such as electronic, mobile and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) dispatch, route optimization, and improved business intelligence services," Frangiosa added.

About InstallerNet

InstallerNet (a division of MobileToys, Inc.), through its network of professional installers, is the leading mobile electronics installation network in the country with more than 1,700 locations. The company maintains a website ( ) for its members and commercial clients, and it maintains a website ( ) for its InstallCard customers to activate and schedule their desired installation services. InstallerNet is a proven solution that has performed managed installation services for many Fortune 500 client partners. For more information, contact InstallerNet at 88 Essex Street , Haverhill , MA 01832 , 800-444-1644, or visit

About ServicePower

ServicePower (LSE: SVR) offers tools that enable optimized service execution across the entire service network. With licenses sold covering over 30,000 service technicians, SERVICE Power is the most widely used artificial intelligence based field service scheduling application in the world. ServicePower solutions, offered throughout the U.S. , Canada , the UK , and Europe , allow companies to locate their employed field resources in the right geography, ensure they have the right mix of skills, and outside this geography to create a network of independent, authorized servicers. The routes for both the company field resources and the independent servicers are optimized by ServicePower's technology to ensure the right balance between service and cost. ServicePower also provides warranty chain management, call center services, and analytics for manufacturers, third-party administrators, and retailers across the U.S. ServicePower's customers include innovative, world leading companies such as Avaya Communication, GE, and Siemens. For more information, visit the Web site at

Note to Editors: Service Power refers to the company and SERVICE Power refers to the product.

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